A Safer Camden

Camden saw the biggest increase in crime of any London borough last year, so while crime’s fallen nationally, it’s remained high locally.  And with the rise of moped crimes — with 25% of London’s moped muggings taking place in Camden — residents feel less safe than ever.

That has to change. Camden Conservatives will put more police on the streets, tackle moped muggings, open a new police contact point in NW3, and tackle anti-social behaviour wherever it’s found.  We will take tough steps to tackle domestic violence, the rise in street drugs such as Spice and Black Mamba, and FGM.

The Conservative plan for a safer Camden

  • We will hire an additional Metropolitan Police officer in every ward in Camden, using the Met Patrol Plus ‘buy one, get one free’ match-funding scheme.
  • We will work to end the merger of Camden’s police with Islington’s — under which our police are controlled from Islington — so that local policing reflects local priorities.
  • We will tackle moped muggings, including using traffic-calming measures and CCTV.
  • We will open a new police base in NW3, with Conservative councillors working on proposals at the Royal Free Hospital, in Hampstead village, and Swiss Cottage Library.
  • We will create a CCTV library for the borough and install CCTV at crime hotspots.
  • We will make it easier to remove anti-social tenants from Camden-owned properties and work with TRAs to install more CCTV in anti-social behaviour hotspots on estates.
  • We will provide further help to victims of domestic violence and FGM.