Putting more police on Camden streets

18 extra police officers would be put on local streets under plans unveiled by the Conservatives.

Although crime has fallen nationally, it has become worse locally, with moped crime a growing problem.

The Conservatives have proposed hiring extra officers – including four new officers across NW3 – under the Metropolitan Police’s ‘buy one, get one free’ match-funding scheme.

Under this scheme, for each officer Camden pays for, the Met pays for another. This would mean our streets are kept doubly safe for less than a thousandth of Camden’s annual budget.

Conservative councillors have proposed this each of the last 6 years, but it’s been voted down by Labour and the Lib Dems each time.

Hampstead Town councillor Oliver Cooper said, “These officers would be dedicated to patrolling local streets: tackling crime, deterring criminals, and keeping residents safe.”

The Conservatives are also committed to undoing the merger under which Camden’s police are controlled from Islington, so that local policing reflects local priorities.

Conservative councillors are also working to open a new police contact point in NW3, so that officers have a base in the area they patrol.