Opening green spaces and planting trees

Local Conservative councillors have announced plans to open new green spaces and plant hundreds of trees across Hampstead, Belsize, and South Hampstead.

Hampstead’s Conservative councillors have secured funding to restore and open two micro-parks in Hampstead village: on Oriel Place (between Hampstead High Street and Heath Street) and Boades Mews (between Flask Walk and New End).

With Belsize councillor Leila Roy, Hampstead councillors Oliver Cooper and Stephen Stark have helped the Pond Street community garden project outside the Royal Free Hospital and are working to open a new green space at South End Green.

Swiss Cottage Conservatives are pushing to plant hundreds of trees on streets across South Hampstead, helping the ‘Gardens’ area of Broadhurst, Compayne, Canfield, and Greencroft Gardens to live up to their name.

Conservatives are also proposing extending a Low Emission Bus Zone across Hampstead and Belsize, so that TfL uses electric or hybrid instead of diesel buses locally.