Your local Highgate Conservative team is:

Simone Finn headshot

Simone Finn

I've lived in Dartmouth Park with my family for 15 years and love the local community here in Highgate.

I am a trained accountant, but more recently, I was the Government's adviser on Industrial Relations and worked to improve the efficiency and diversity of the Civil Service.

Jim Ormiston headshot

Jim Ormiston

I live near Dartmouth Park and absolutely love our community.

Whether it's going to Highgate's pubs or running (or playing the bagpipes!) on the Heath, I value every second I spend here.  I want to preserve what makes Highgate so wonderful, and fight to make it better still.

I work in community cohesion and counter-terrorism.  I want to feed this expertise into the Council, through education, policing, and community relations.

Having previously worked on Highgate Road as a software engineer, I know the importance of local businesses to our corner of Camden, too.

Highgate deserves its reputation as one of the most wonderful places to live in London, and I hope to play a part in keeping things that way.

Email: jimforhighgate@gmail.com

Twitter: @JROrmiston