Helping Camden's Vulnerable

As well as making sure we have a beautiful borough that’s clean and green, we want to ensure our community provides a safety net for those that need one.

We will work with neighbouring boroughs, government agencies, and charities to address some of the big problems facing Camden’s most vulnerable.

That means caring for our elderly, combatting social isolation, making life easier for disabled residents, tackling Camden’s homelessness crisis, and supporting low-income families.

Camden Conservatives are committed to ensuring that our borough is as welcoming and comfortable as possible for people from all walks of life.

The Conservative plan to help Camden’s vulnerable

  • We will combat social isolation by reviving luncheon clubs for older residents and promote a range of activities for more vulnerable.
  • We will ensure Camden is a dementia-friendly community.
  • We will back disabled residents by installing lifts at more tube stations, making it easier for residents get the right support, and integrating health and adult social care.
  • We will tackle Camden’s homelessness crisis by sharing language resources with other boroughs, tackling street drugs, and working more closely with homeless shelters.
  • We will reduce Council Tax for each adult child still living at home and guarantee the 100% Council Tax reduction for low-income households.
  • We will ensure funding for GPs’ and dentists’ surgeries near new developments.