Conserving Camden

Camden’s neighbourhoods are internationally renowned for their beauty and character.  Each community has a distinct identity and personality that sets it apart, and Camden Conservatives are committed to preserving each and every one.

We will continue to oppose over-development in all its forms: whether high-rise developments in low-rise areas, ugly developments that are out-of-character of the area, or basement excavations that threaten neighbouring properties.

We will mitigate the impact of development by improving construction management, monitoring basement excavations closely, and clamping down on developers that break the rules.

The Conservative plan to conserve Camden

  • We will oppose high-rise developments in low-rise areas, and instead support low-rise but high-density mansion blocks, terraces, and mews housing.
  • We will mitigate harm caused by development, including seeking tighter construction management plans, limiting hours of work, enforcing the rules more effectively.
  • We will introduce a ‘sub squad’ to police basement developments and ensure they do not harm neighbouring properties, funded by the applicants. We will reinstate notification letters to neighbours of planning applications.
  • We will support Neighbourhood Plans being adopted across Camden and entrench Conservation Areas by updating out-of-date Conservation Area statements.
  • We will restore black and white street sign tiles across the north-west of the borough.
  • We will reform the Planning Committee to make it work for residents.