A Cleaner Camden

Since Labour cut many residents’ bin collections to once a fortnight last April, residents across Camden have reported a significant increase in the amount of rubbish on our borough’s streets.  Camden’s own statistics show a doubling of fly-tipping and a six-fold increase of littering.

Camden Conservatives fought tooth and nail against these changes, but Labour sadly pushed them through with the Lib Dems’ agreement.  This was despite Labour pledging in their manifesto to retain weekly bin collections for all residents.

Meanwhile, recycling has fallen by a fifth since 2010,  reports of vermin have risen, and our streets are dirtier than ever.  We are committed to restoring weekly bin collections, tackling fly-tipping and littering, increasing recycling, and making Camden a cleaner borough.

The Conservative plan for a cleaner Camden

  • We will restore free weekly bin collections for all residents across Camden.
  • We will scrap the £75 Garden Tax and make garden waste collections free once more.
  • We will increase fines for fly-tipping to £400, in line with other boroughs, and increase fines for littering to £150.  We will impose fines on people littering from vehicles.
  • We will introduce a plastic bottle deposit scheme to reduce plastic waste, and explore other innovative ideas to promote recycling.
  • We will raise Camden’s recycling rate by promoting recycling on estates, improving information on what can be recycled, and introducing new public recycling bins.
  • We will help recycling of large items by opening Camden’s recycling centre for longer.