A Brighter Future for Camden

Education is the great engine of social mobility.  We are committed to making sure our borough has enough good and outstanding school places for every child to get the best start in life.  London’s schools now lead the country, and we want Camden’s to do the same.

Sadly, Camden’s top-down approach to education is failing too many of our young people.  Of the five secondary schools that Camden runs, Ofsted rates two as requiring improvement and none as outstanding.  Camden’s secondaries get the third-worst results of any borough in Inner London, while the two best-performing boroughs in Inner London are Conservative-run.

Improving our schools is a priority for Camden Conservatives, which is why a number of teachers and others experienced in education are standing for election for us.  This is our plan to improve education and life opportunities in Camden.

The Conservative plan for a brighter future for Camden

  • We will support parents to establish new schools, including one in West Hampstead.
  • We will raise school standards by encouraging leadership by Camden School for Girls and UCL Academy and help top-performing pupils apply to Russell Group universities.
  • We will ensure computing and coding are taught in all schools throughout Camden and promote enterprise education to teach soft skills.
  • We will support teacher training by sharing Apprenticeship funding with all schools.
  • We will increase employability by encouraging apprenticeships, organising more work fairs, and encouraging continuing professional development in the borough.
  • We will review how our schools serve our worst-off, including raising the take-up of free school meals and improving cooperation between independent and state schools.