Your local Bloomsbury Conservative team is:

Will Hall headshot

Will Hall


Shahin Ahmed headshot

Shahin Ahmed

I’m a long-term Euston resident, along with my wife and three children.  I am a professionally-qualified chef with over ten years’ experience and I have worked in many local hotels.

I’m very active in the local Bengali community and have served as General Secretary of the Camden Bangladeshi Welfare Association for the last five years.  I’m a proven community campaigner and will always put the people of Bloomsbury first.

If elected, I will fight for faster repairs and a more responsive housing department, improve child protection in Camden, and work to further strengthen relationships between the various community groups in our area.


Paul Tavares headshot

Paul Tavares

I was born and raised in Camden. It is home to my wife and I, and our three children. So you can imagine how passionate and protective I am of the local area, just as you no doubt are too.

I want the best for Bloomsbury, its residents and local businesses, but in Camden, we face far too many challenges that have reached crisis level – a lack of affordable homes to buy and rent, visible homelessness reaching incredible and unacceptable levels, too much violent crime that often leaves us feeling unsafe to walk our streets, far too much air pollution harming the lives of so many.

If elected, I will fight for you on these and other  issues,  and ensure that you get the sort of representation you deserve.


Twitter: @PaulForMayor