Annual alternative budgets

For the last decade, Camden Conservatives have tabled alternative budgets to demonstrate the practical difference between a Conservative-run Camden and one continuing to be mismanaged by Labour.

Each year, we propose realistic, costed savings from waste that we've identified each year in the council.  This can then be reinvested in further services: from restoring weekly bin collections and ending the garden tax, to investing in more police and reopening police bases, to increasing investment in our schools, to protecting our community pubs and libraries.

Each budget amendment must by law be balanced, and the costings of proposals are done by council officers, so these alternative budgets reflect the council's real estimate of the costs and savings from individual policies.

They are tabled in the form of amendments each year, so they use the administration's budget as a foundation.  Therefore, all decisions to invest in services are priced in already - our amendment is simply the difference.

By rejecting the amendment, Labour and Lib Dem councillors therefore demonstrate that they do not want the additional services and lower Council Tax, even though they are funded solely by cutting waste - without cutting services anywhere else.

It shows that the only way to get a cleaner, greener, safer Camden is with a Conservative-run Camden.

2019-20 Alternative Budget

2019/20 Alternative Budget

Towards a cleaner, greener, safer Camden

Read it here.

2020-21 Alternative Budget

2020/21 Alternative Budget

Safer streets, cleaner air, and a brighter future for Camden

Read it here.


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