A cleaner Camden

Make Camden Clean

We will restore at-least weekly bin collections for all residents, end the £75 Garden Tax, make it easier to recycle, impose proper fines for fly-tipping, and install smart bins and increase street-sweeping.

Hampstead Heath

Make Camden Green

We will install 1,000 electric car charging points a year, open new green spaces, plant more trees on Camden's streets, take action against flooding, and reduce the council's own CO2 emissions.

Police officers

Make Camden Safe

We will open new police bases at Swiss Cottage and South End Green to make police more local, make better use of CCTV, and use SmartWater to make Camden a burglary-free borough.

A brighter future for Camden

Help Camden Learn

We will deliver more state school places, promote educational excellence, provide more apprenticeships and work fairs to give opportunities to school-leavers, and conduct a review to ensure our schools work for everyone.

Conserving Camden

Conserve Camden

We will oppose high-rise developments at the O2 Centre and Murphy's Yard,mitigate harm from local developments, empower local neighbourhoods to protect their character, and preserve and restore the character of local communities.

Reforming Camden

Lower Council Tax

We will freeze Council Tax every year of a Conservative administration, reduce back-office waste and always stretch our money further.

Housing Camden

Fix Camden's Homes

We will deliver more affordable housing, cap costs for council leaseholders, reduce council tenants' rents, make it easier for private renters to move, and introduce welcome packs so everyone feels at home where they live

Camden Conservatives

We're standing up for you from Hampstead to Holborn, and Kilburn to Kentish Town, and standing to deliver a cleaner, greenersafer Camden.

We're here to help you, so if there's anything we can do - or if you'd like to help us! - please don't hesitate to get in touch here.

Conservative team at Swiss Cottage

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